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We're headed to Seattle! 

Register today for these AMAZING door prizes!


It's as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Visit the Grant Holster Facebook page;

  2. Like and Follow Grant Holster.

  3. Repost a Grant Holster post, using #grantholster.

We'll use a random number to choose a winner from our list of likes and follows.

No purchase necessary and you won't be added to any junk mail lists.

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Your application has been uploaded prize package.png
Deadline Prize Package.png
Notice of Award.png
Pearl beyond price.png
Sleepless in Seattle.jpg


We're bringing our green screen, so you can take pictures with ANY background you want.

Seattle - check
Vegas - check
Paris - check
Prison - ?????

What exactly do you plan to DO in Seattle?

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